Tamar Braxton Says A Family Member Revealed She Was Molested 

Tamar Braxton

Tamar Braxton Says A Family Member Revealed She Was Molested

Tamar Braxton recently shared she was molested as a child ahead of the season finale of “Braxton Family Values.” The R&B singer not only shocked fans and viewers of the show, but also her family, who claims, they had no idea. Tamar originally revealed the news on the Wendy Williams Show, but now she is giving details on the situation and how she has overcame the experience after so many years.

Tamar Braxton

The reality star dropped in for a radio interview where she discussed details of the molestation, sharing that it was a family member who originally shared the information about her being molested. The reality star and singer says that she’s since overcame the hurtful incident:

Although that happened to me, I don’t look at myself – now – as a victim. I look at myself as victorious. I’m able to get up everyday. I’m able to not put that in forefront of my mind. I’m able to still go to work, see my fans, hug everybody necks and be a nice kind person because that is a choice.

Braxton Family Values cast circa 2014

She says that the molestation was not known among her immediate family (“Braxton Family Values”):

It was never discussed. I didn’t know that anyone knew.

Tamar adds,

When we were shooting the show, I didn’t know that part was going to be talked about. As a matter of fact, I never talked about it. I didn’t know. No one had a conversation with me about it.

On how she thinks they found out she explains,

I think a family member, and after they told that person, that person decided this was the forum. I was completely blindsided. 

She continues,

I’m not placing any blame, but you were the person that was in charge. I feel like the responsibility was on you to handle that. And not mention, or not allow it to be said, or have a conversation with me first.

On how she overcame it if she didn’t tell anyone she shares,

I had my moments, but it’s by the Grace of God, to be honest. It’s a shameful thing. Nobody wants to talk about that.

Tamar Braxton & Vincent Herbert

When asked if  her estranged husband, Vincent Herbert knew she was molested, she says,

Yes, he was aware.

Tamar also says that she was initially afraid to share her experience.

Yeah! First of all you have to understand, I am loud and sometimes boisterous. And the youngest, and that is perceived as I’m acting out, or I have behavior issues; that may be true a little bit but not really, because I just want to have fun. In that situation, you’re always child. It was a very young age, I think about 6 or 7. 

In order to help other people combat with their own sexual assault, Tamar recently launched a website where women and men can come and share their stories about their own abuse with no judgement. You can check the website here.

Authored by: Andre Palmer