The Real “KiKi” Discusses Being Name Dropped By Drake – “It Was Definitely A Shock”

The Real “KiKi” Discusses Being Name Dropped By Drake – “It Was Definitely A Shock”

In July, despite a number of conspiracy theories to the contrary, it was revealed that the “KiKi” and “KB” that Drake was referring to on his single In My Feelings was a young lady from Oakland named K’yanna Barber. K’yanna recently sat down with LA’s Power 106 FM where she discussed being name-dropped by the Toronto rapper and hearing the song for the first time.

It was definitely a shock. I was sitting in the living room with my son, my brother, and my mom. We were just listening to the album like everybody else, you know. It’s Drake — he drops new music, you listen to it. Eventually, we got to In My Feelings and I heard “KiKi” and my son was like, ‘Mommy, did he just say your name?’ But then when we heard KB, that’s when my mom started going crazy because that’s my actual initials. 

K’yanna also details how she met Drake.

I met him 2 or 3 years ago — end of 2015. That’s like the homie. Somebody that I love and respect. We met through Kamaiyah. I used to background dance and hype man for her. 

When asked if Drake is still wondering if KiKi loves him, she answers,

I feel like he knows the answer. 


Currently, K’yanna is pursuing a career in music and although she has ties to Drake and In My Feelings has elevated her popularity a bit, she has no intentions on releasing any responses or diss tracks.

That’s one person I could never disrespect him. Everyone keeps telling me to do it and I’m like, ‘no no no’. Y’all want me to start some beef. I’m good on that. 


However, K’yanna seems to be joining Drake in his beef against Kanye. When asked about how she feels about the rapper, she says she’s not feeling the new Yeezy at all.

I fuck with the old Ye. I don’t really listen to the new stuff because I don’t want to hear him. He bothers me a little bit. 

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Authored by: Eleven8