Kelly Rowland Denies Bleaching Her Skin

Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland Addresses Claims She Bleached Her Skin

Kelly Rowland’s skin color is sparking a debate among social media. On Wednesday, the singer shared news about her sunglasses collaboration launching with Smoke x Mirrors, and in the photo used to promote the launch, her skin looks considerably lighter.

Kelly Rowland

Rowland addressed the comments and concerns via her Instagram Story,

I saw that a lot of people are like, ‘Oh my God, she bleaches her skin.’ Now I never answer questions like this because I think it’s so stupid or even say anything about comments about this. But, I am not the one to bleach my skin. Nor do I want to bleach my skin, nor do I have to bleach my skin. I don’t even think that – it’s not for me. So, don’t go saying stupid stuff like that. You ever thought it could be the lighting?


Dude, I am still chocolate. Forever chocolate, proud to be chocolate. Shout out to all my chocolate girls.

Glad she cleared that up!

Authored by: Andre Palmer