Stefflon Don Trolls Nicki Minaj Fans, Compares Them To Garbage

Stefflon Don Trolls Nicki Minaj Fans On Social Media, Compares Them To Garbage

The feud between Stefflon Don and Nicki Minaj’s fan base is persisting as she’s firing back at the “Garbs” on social media. Don has continued to taunt the cult like fan base in her comments on Instagram with Jamaican vernacular, comparing them to garbage, and accusing them of being teenagers.

We hear that the spawning of the Internet quarrel started when Don called out Nicki during her disagreement with Cardi B. Since then, Nicki’s fan base – who she respectively calls Barbz – has been creeping under Don’s comments, and she’s reacted seemingly jokingly.

She shared a video selfie Thursday morning trying to decipher why the comments seemed to have halted,

So I just woke up and looked at the video, it’s been over an hour now, it’s got over a 1000 comments. Garbs, what’s going on? What the f*ck is going on?! What, you tired already?  How you tired so quick, what kind of dead garbs is this?

Attaching the caption,

The GARBS dem tired AF im truly disappointed this morning

Stefflon Don

In another post, Don shared a video of herself doing a dance which involved her feet to be used in a consistent motion. She later added a comment under the video writing,

UPDATE! This is a rare footage of me stepping on the duty GARBS

Nicki Minaj

In addition to another post, where she mocked the ongoing joke which the “Barbie Dreams” rapper’s core fan base is in middle and high school. Sharing a text conversation between her and a friend, who inquired about the behavior of the garbs. Don’s caption read,

My kids still in school ? I appreciate the fact my friend has acknowledged that my kids names have now changed from #BARBS to #GARBS aka #GARBAGE and nicki ain’t they mother no more i AM ?for those who keep asking ? ??

Check out the ongoing trolling below.

Authored by: Andre Palmer