Vanilla Ice Earns 800k A Year, Ordered To Pay Wife $110k of Pre Divorce Support & 7k Per Month

Laura Van Winkle, Vanilla Ice (Rob Van Winkle)

Vanilla Ice Earns 800k A Year, Ordered To Pay Wife $110k of Pre Divorce Support & 7k Per Month

One hit wonder, Vanilla Ice, who’s real name is Rob Van Winkle, has been in an expensive divorce with his soon-to-be ex-wife, Laura Van Winkle over the last two years. The DIY network television host has been lingering on his divorce since 2016 for an unknown reason, and Laura has been suffering in silence. New reports detail how the estranged wife has accumulated $26,000 in credit card debt; forced to use most of the $125,000 of her savings; with no other income other than the $631 a month she receives from renters in a property she inherited.

Up until 2017, Laura was receiving pre-divorce support payments, but they stopped after Rob decided he longer wanted to make them, essentially leaving Laura with no income for the last eleven months. It’s unclear why Rob stop making payments, because, due to a financial affidavit being recently submitted, Rob pulls in about $68,000 a month, $800,000 a year, in addition to a fortune to reportedly $9 million. The affidavit also revealed Rob has a plethora of liquid assets, mostly cash, worth around $2.9 million, an owner of 15 properties, eight vehicles, and a boat with a grand total of around $5.1 million.

Luckily for Laura, family court Judge Catherine M. Brunson has ordered Rob to pay his estranged wife back payments of $110,000 of pre-divorce support; at least $7,191 a month to cover household expenses, health insurance, and car loans; along with continued temporary pre-divorce payments of at least $10,000; and to top it off, he will be covering Laura’s past and future legal fees at a total of nearly $155,000.

Laura Van Winkle & Daughters, Dusti Rain, 21, & Keelee Breeze, 18.

Aside from his song “Ice Ice Baby,” Rob also is a host on the DIY network for his show “The Vanilla Ice Project,” which wrapped it’s eighth season in October. The couple is share two children, Dusti Rain, 21, and Keelee Breeze, 18. They’re expected to be due back in court February 4 for a two-day trial to settle their divorce.

The estranged wife also sent a tweet when the news was finalized she would be receiving some form of income again.

When at least your not cut off anymore. I’m here to show all the women of the world to be strong 

Authored by: Andre Palmer