Dr. Heavenly & Mariah Huq Almost Come To Blows Over Quad Lunceford-Webb

Dr. Heavenly & Mariah Huq Almost Come To Blows Over Quad Lunceford-Webb

So much for Dr. Heavenly‘s spiritual journey! “Married to Medicine” stars Dr. Heavenly and Mariah Huq have been feuding for several seasons, but Bravo’s teaser for the upcoming episode seems to bring their battle to a head. The teaser shows Heavenly, Mariah, and Quad Lunceford-Webb in a heated exchange in what seems to be about Quad opening up about her impending divorce with Dr. Gregory Lunceford. The shouting match went as followed:

“Quad: I’m not breaking everything down for anybody!

Dr. Heavenly: And you shouldn’t have to! Any nobody should require that of you!

Mariah: Nobody asked you, Heavenly!

Dr. Heavenly: I’m not speaking for nobody!

Mariah: I’ve been knowing her longer than anybody…butt yo a** up outta here!

Dr. Heavenly: B*tch, f*ck you!

Dr. Damon: Listen to me…

Mariah: If you wanna handle somebody, handle your wife!”

Yikes! Before season six started, we reported that Mariah Huq eluded that there would be constant drama shown with she and Dr. Heavenly. She said:

“Every other scene, I’m into it with Heavenly. That’s not the way I wanted to come back. I feel like I’m an amazing person, friend, wife, mother, entrepreneur. I like to be seen like that. But honestly, I felt like me and Heavenly’s battles just overshadow everything else. You know, they’re so dramatic and they’re so explosive. Like, our stuff just goes to another level. It outshines everything else, you know? So, I hate that. It changes the energy, and that’s not what I wanted.”

Watch the teaser for this week’s episode below.

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay