Porsha Stewart Will Sing About Divorce to Kordell Stewart In New Music


If you thought that Real Housewives of Atlanta newbie Porsha Stewart was only releasing one statement about her pending divorce with her estranged hubby, Kordell Stewart, you were mistaken. Over the weekend, she gave Andy Cohen an exclusive on the mess surrounding her break-up and Monday she continued her media blitz. And she’s got even more to say. In an interview with ABC, talked about her life currently.

On Why Kordell Filed for Divorce:

I’m sure I’ll find that out sooner or later, but right now we’re just in the middle of trying to get this situation done.”

On If She Blames RHOA for Marriage Breakdown: 

Housewives didn’t affect my personal life and my situation that happened. It was bittersweet. I don’t have any regrets.  As far as me going onto next season, I haven’t really decided.  I’m in the middle of a crazy situation right now so I’m just concentrating on that.”

On Dating:

I’m not really interested in that right now. Everything is so fresh.  The love for my husband is there.  The situation is disappointing.  So, I’m not even thinking about that.  It’s a long time before I consider any of these requests for dates.”

On her music:

What I’m going through I absolutely want to pour into some music. I’m living what a lot of people across the world have been through.  And I’m going to use my voice, and my spirit, and my passion and pain and put it into this new song and release it.”

On here defense of Kordell at Reunion:

I’m proud of that Porsha, I really am. That Porsha was a wife, and loyal, and respectful of my husband and representing him at the Reunion, even without him. Like I said, I don’t have any regrets.”

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