Terry McMillan Inaccurately Criticizes Cardi B, Beyonce & Jay Z for Not Encouraging Voters, Later Deletes Message

Terry McMillan Inaccurately Criticizes Cardi B, Beyonce & Jay Z for Not Encouraging Voters, Later Deletes Message

We’re all waiting to exhale after author Terry McMillan spoke too soon about several celebrities’ political involvement. Terry posted a tweet that insinuated that celebrities Beyoncé, Jay Z, Cardi B, and football and basketball players should follow singer Taylor Swift’s lead with raising their voices about politics. This came as a shock to many, considering Taylor Swift used to be noticeably silent about her political views.

Taylor Swift

As we previously reported, Taylor Swift recently urged her audience to vote Democrat in her home state of Pennsylvania – causing a surge in voter registration. Terry McMillan wants celebrities of color to use their influence in the same way. Her controversial tweet reads:

“I’ll bet if Beyoncé and Rihanna and Cardi B and Jay Z, and the NBA and NFL players all did want Taylor Swift did, I’ll bet a lot of young people who respect them would be running to the poles on Tuesday. #vote”

What?! Twitter user @MJfan33607 clapped back at Terry McMillan, insisting she doesn’t make Taylor Swift a hero over her sudden stance. They said:

“Thank you Ms. T for responding, appreciate your frankness, just know I won’t throw a cape over TSwift, she benefited greatly from her silence. White supremacists love her for it.”

Terry responded, noting she’s not a fan of Taylor’s! She said:

“I don’t even like her. Never have. I was just shocked to hear her supporting Democrats. I wasn’t taken by her, I just thought if what she said helped Democrats, take it wherever we can get it. Not bowing down. Seriously.”

Afterwards, Terry confirmed to former MTV “Are You the One” contestant Simone Kelly that she deleted her controversial tweet. She said:

“I deleted it because it was being misconstrued and I wasn’t criticizing any of them. It was simply wishful thinking not knowing how many of them had been encouraging folks to vote. We’re on the same team. Believe me.”

Simone proceeded to read Terry McMillan her rights, listing the political efforts of the celebrities Terry criticized. She replied:

“Terry, Beyoncé and Jay Z did a free concert for Hilary in the presidential election, Rihanna can promote #voting all she wants but can’t exercise the right here in the US because she’s not a citizen sis, Cardi B told a stadium of thousands to vote @ her global citizen show.”

Oop! Do you agree with Terry McMillan?

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay