Al Roker Sues Landlord!

Al Roker

Al Roker Sues Landlord Who Is Attempting To Make Him Pay To Take Down Renovations He Labels As “Structural Improvements”

Al Roker’s production company, Al Roker Entertainment, Inc. is suing their landlord for attempting to withhold their deposit over renovations made to his New York W. 53rd Street offices, according to reports. When he initially moved in 2008, he received permission from the landlord transform the third floor of the office into,

Executive and general offices for film editing and production activities.

Al Roker

As Roker had intentions on moving out of the office by the end of November 2018, the landlord says Roker needs to take down the renovations at his own expense. According to the suit, which was allegedly filed at the Manhattan Supreme Court, Roker is claiming the landlord has no right – under the lease – to make him pay for charges due to the renovations being labeled as structural improvements.

Before the third floor was transformed, it was,

a bare open space.

The lawyer for the landlord says his client has yet to have been served with a lawsuit, although Roker is seeking to maintain his $100,000 security deposit and other costs, according to reports.

Authored by: Andre Palmer