50 Cent Calls Out Ebro Darden For Working With Police – Why Is NYPD Giving You Intel!

50 Cent Calls Out Radio Personaility Ebro Darden For Working With Police After Darden Shared Information From NYPD About Tekashi 6ix9ine

New York’s Hot 97.5 Ebro Darden and 50 Cent have had an exchange of words over Tekashi 6ix9ine. 6ix9ine has been plastered in headlines after being indicted on 17 federal counts over racketeering and firearm charges. In addition to the details hitting the media, Darden exposed some sensitive information regarding 6ix9ine’s arrest, straight from the NYPD earlier this week.

50 Cent reacted to Darden’s excerpt via Instagram,

@oldmanebro you working with police. why the police sending you intel.

Darden responded to the question initially,

Stop being a weirdo @50cent…With this goofball sh*t. I’m still wondering why you just used that kid to stay poppin’…sad man

He later adjusted the caption,

Stop being a weirdo @50cent …. With this goofball shit. . But speaking of… .. I work for a media company and help people get info, I’m hiding nothing. ..You seem to never get in trouble, but everyone around you does? Peculiar.

50 has yet to respond to Darden’s question.

Authored by: Andre Palmer