Mel B Reveals She Ended Relationship w/ Eddie Murphy: He Was The Great Love Of Her Life!

Mel B, Eddie Murphy

Mel B Reveals Eddie Murphy Was A “Great Love Of Her Life”

Mel B is still promoting her memoir Brutally Honest in which she discusses everything from her past marriage to her drug use and of course, Eddie Murphy, who she says is a “great love” of her life.

Eddie Murphy

In a new interview she said of Eddie being her love,

He always will be. I mean, I’ve never really spoken about it before, so this book, I wanted to address it because a lot of people have a misconstrued thing of how everything actually did happen. And at the end of the day we have a beautiful daughter together, Angel, who is 11 years old, and she’s actually staying with him right now whilst I’m here working.

Mel B revealed that she broke things off with Eddie after 9 months of dating, but admits when things were good, they were great.

It was like a love story that didn’t have a perfect ending.

On meeting Eddie, she says,

Well, I went for a dinner party at his house. It was very intense, that attraction, and I left actually because it was a bit too much. But he’s such a lovely person, he’s all about family and he’s very respectful and very old school and we courted for quite some time before anybody knew. 

Eddie & Paige

Both Mel and Eddie have since moved on. Mel married and divorced Stephen Belafonte, while Eddie is engaged to Paige Butcher.

Authored by: TJB Writer