Mel B’s Oldest Daughter Claims Stephen Belafonte Beat Up Her Dog & Laughed When It Was Put Down: Eddie Murphy Treated Me Better!

Mel B’s Oldest Daughter Reveals Stephen Belafonte Beat Up Her Dog And Laughed When It Was Put Down

Mel B‘s daughter, Phoenix Brown, revealed to her that she is not fond of her mother’s ex-husband, Stephen Belafonte. Phoenix, who is 19 years old, is the daughter of Mel B and former husband/dancer Jimmy Gulzar. She says,

The first time I set eyes on Stephen, I didn’t like him. My mom had just had a baby and I was with my grandma in our hotel room when this big, loud dude appeared, being super-friendly and all over her and Angel.

And then Stephen was around all the time. He was driving me to school, living in our house, telling me when I could have something to eat and drink, telling me him and my mom were getting married.

By then I was nearly ten years old and I’d woken up to the fact that life can just suddenly turn into a pile of crap. I’d had it so good for years. I had this amazing, funny, strong mother. I had this great family in Leeds. I had a dad who was my best friend. I had this movie- perfect life in Los Angeles, with sunshine, loads of great people in our lives and my dog, Lordy.


According to Phoenix, she didn’t have any of these feelings with Eddie Murphy, who is the father of her younger sister Angel.

When Eddie came along, things got even better.

Eddie Murphy

He treated me like one of his kids and I started doing really well in school. And then it was like someone just switched the channel to this total s**tstorm show. The Stephen Show.

Phoenix says that Stephen did not like her and would take out his hate on her dog.

Stephen didn’t like me. Not in a grown-up “I disapprove of you” way. He was like a kid — a bigger, sneakier kid. He beat up my dog and laughed when Lordy got so ill he had to be put down. “Now you don’t have to walk him.”

Stephen Belanfonte & Mel B

He left s**t in my room. He would start screaming about things like me leaving food, and go so ballistic it was as if I’d committed a crime. I couldn’t talk to my mom — someone else who looked like her was in her body. She believed every word he said. She loved him. Maybe I had to suck it up. I didn’t want to ruin it for her.

 I thought if I told my grandma how mean he was to me, she’d be able to do something. I always felt like I was in trouble. He told me I was retarded and ugly. He cursed at me and shouted so close to my face I’d get spit all over me.


Phoenix says that eventually, problems between her mother and Stephen began to mainfest themselves after she told her grandmother about a loaded gun Stephen kept in their house. All in all, after things ended between Mel B and Stephen, Phoenix says she was a lot happier.

I didn’t ever know what to do. I’d hear her crying in her bathroom or bedroom. She’d say she would divorce him, but nothing ever happened until we finally all left in March 2017.

I’m so glad my mom has left (him). I just want life to move on . . .

Authored by: Kellie Williams