Cardi B Gets Emotional When Talking To Students From Her High School [VIDEO]

Cardi B Speaks to Students at Her High School

Not many things are more fun for a student than having a guest speaker interrupt your classes – especially if that speaker is Cardi B! The chart-topping hip hop diva traveled back to her hometown of Bronx, New York to visit her high school, Renaissance High School for Musical Theater and Technology. During the visit, Cardi pulled from personal experience to encourage the students. In the clip, she spoke on the power of self-confidence:

“My teachers always told me, like, ‘Why are you not focusing? Why are you not taking these things serious? You’re so smart!’ And even when I left school there were kids, like, smarter than me, with better grades than me – and the teachers always told me, like, ‘You’re gonna go far.’ And I felt that.”

In the next clip, Cardi can be seen tearing up while reflecting on her journey to stardom. She said:

“After I left school, I’d really be thinking, like, ‘She was not lying. Like, this shit is fucking hard.’”

It’s safe to say Cardi B’s self-confidence and drive to succeed are what lead to her debut album, “Invasion of Privacy,” being crowned the #1 album of the year by Time Magazine. Cardi made the announcement on Instagram.

Footage from Cardi B’s trip to Renaissance High School will air on CBS Sunday Morning on December 9th.

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay