Jada Pinkett Smith Says We Are Bullying Justin Bieber: ‘Does That Render Being Called A C*nt?’

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Jada Pinkett Smith wants you and I to take a step back and remember how it was to be young again. In fact, she challenges us to reflect how it would feel to be young, with the entire world and microscope upon us, 24 hours a day. She’s penned a lengthy letter on Facebook, asking the public to answer a few questions about how we judge and taunt young Hollywood celebs and stars–like Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Taylor Swift.

jada pinkett smith-bulllying letter on facebook-the jasmine brand

She wrote:

Are we bullying our young artists? How can we ask for our young stars to have a high level of responsibility if we are not demonstrating that same level of responsibility towards them? This last week, I had to really evaluate the communication in regard to our young artists in the media. I was trying to differentiate cyber-bullying from how we attack and ridicule our young stars through media and social networks. It is as if we have forgotten what it means to be young or even how to behave like good ol’ grown folk. Do we feel as though we can say and do what we please without demonstrating any responsibility simply because they are famous? Is it okay to continually attack and criticize a famous 19 year old who is simply trying to build a life, exercise his talents while figuring out what manhood and fame is all about as he carries the weight of supporting his family as well as providing the paychecks to others who depend on him to work so they can feed their families as well? Does that render being called a c*nt by an adult male photographer as you try to return to your hotel after leaving the the hospital? Or what about our nine year old beautiful Oscar nominee who was referred to as a c*nt as well? Or what about being a young woman in her early twenties, exploring the intracacies of love and power on the world stage? And should we shame a young woman for displaying a sense of innocence as she navigates through the murky waters of love, heartbreak, and fame? Are these young people not allowed to be young, make mistakes, grow, and eventually transform a million times before our eyes? Are we asking them to defy the laws of nature because of who they are? Why can’t we congratulate them for the capacity to work through their challenges on a world stage and still deliver products that keep them on top. We all know how hard it is to keep our head above water, even in the privacy of our own homes let alone on the world stage. Imagine yourself, at their age, with the spotlights, challenges and responsibilities. Most of us would have fallen to the waste side before we could even get to a crashed Ferrari, a controversial romance, several heart breaks, or an Oscar nomination at NINE. We WISH we could have had the capacity to accomplish HALF of what they have accomplished along with ALL these challenges they face. But…maybe THAT’S the problem…we WISH we could have or even…we WISH we could. Happy Sunday.


What are your thoughts on her take on how unfair the public and media can be to young celebs? Does she have a point? Or should they be held to a higher standard?