Quality Control Music CEO Pierre Thomas Impregnates 2 Women At Once: Fiance Lira Galore & Kaylar Will

Lira Galore, Pierre “Pee” Thomas, Kaylar Will

Quality Control Music CEO Pierre Thomas Impregnates 2 Women At Once: Fiance Lira Galore & Kaylar Will

While some might think the relationship(s) is rather peculiar, others are still attempting to put the pieces together. Pierre Thomas, of Quality Control, has two women pregnant – at the same time. The news was suspected Wednesday when Thomas shared a photo of the pregnant beauty maven Kaylar Will to his Instagram Story, but later deleted it.

It was speculated in November Thomas had called off his engagement to his then-fiancée Lira Galore because it was discovered Will had become pregnant – and Thomas was allegedly the father. As time has passed, Thomas has now confirmed he is the father of Will’s unborn child and shared Thursday, Galore was pregnant with his child, as well.

While Galore went on a rant on Instagram attempting to set the record straight between this mixy relationship, Will also had to defend herself against social media, who, she says, were making false claims about her pregnancy and Galore’s.

Will tweeted Thrusday,

I ignore all y’all sh*t but please end it. Y’all want me to be a low down b*tch so bad.

Never slept with no friend/associate man. & that’s why I said the story was fake. Y’all believe WHATEVER people say.

Y’all want some tea on me really really bad. Single mom me to death. Who cares. Y’all feeding my kid?=

…creating detailed lies lmao. My child was gonna be fine regardless, off the strength of MOMMY. Thank you love!

Galore dealt with her own issues on Instagram. The model/entrepreneur shared her sentiments to her Instagram Story, airing details about her dealings with Thomas beginning by explaining she already knew Will was pregnant with Thomas’ child,

We both knew She’s been pregnant & you never “publicly” acknowledged the fact.

You took your ring like you do EVERYTIME you throw a temper tantrum. I haven’t spoken to your for over 4 days & you in ya feelings & wanna be petty bc I RT’d a fake quoteable page.

Now I’ve sat back since I started fu*kin w you in [JULY] & let you disrespect me publicly, let those around you disrespect me, from the cheating, gas lighting, taking my stuff away when u get mad giving it to the ho*s u fu*kin on..

While you steady came back [with] these private apologies & guilt gifts begging me to forgive you & come back ‘home’

Peep the entire rant below.

Galore shared brief text messages about what she is referencing to when she mentioned the “fake quotable page,” which could have influence Thomas to share Will’s image on his Instagram Story.

Thomas has since deleted the post of Galore getting an ultrasound performed. In the post, he claimed she was lying and they were in love.

Authored by: Andre Palmer