Queen Naija Releases Gospel Song Amid John P. Kee Controversy: “I’m not the perfect Christian”

Queen Naija Releases Gospel Song Amid John P. Kee Controversy: “I’m not the perfect Christian”

YouTube sensation/singer Queen Naija has handled countless rounds of heat in the media since she hit the scene. Her life has drastically changed since last year, encountering divorce from her ex-husband, YouTuber Chris Sails; music super-stardom, a new pregnancy, harsh criticism from veteran singers, and more. But aside from support from family, friends, and fans, Queen has relied on one thing to help her weather media storms – her faith. The “Medicine” singer took to Instagram to announce the release of her first gospel song,  titled “War Cry.” She explained:

“@queennaija here it is, my first gospel single. I honestly was so nervous about putting this out, not because I’m ashamed of God, but because I know the judgement will come. I know I don’t fully represent a full blown Christian right now, I’ve been through a divorce, now pregnant with child unmarried, my single Medicine talks about getting revenge, and I never wanted to send a double message. But God is still working on me, he knows my weaknesses and struggles I need help with, and I just want y’all to still look beyond my faults and see and hear the message. We are in the last days. And God is showing us the signs, though we may not feel ready yet, I ask God to continue to work on us all. Go stream #WARCRY”

This single comes at an interesting time since the latest of her attacks is from the gospel community. Beloved gospel artist Pastor John P. Kee is suing Queen Naija for allegedly swiping the melody of his song, “Life and Favor (You Don’t Know My Story),” and using it in her song, “Karma.” She addressed the lawsuit on Twitter. She said:

“why is this man tryna sue me for something I didn’t do.. lol ? He need to gone somewhere & preach the word of God.”

Queen continued:

“what in the fake church folk is going on ?”

Oop! This past June, she addressed initial social media allegations that she stole John P. Kee’s melody. She tweeted:

“First of all, while I was writing “Karma”… that gospel song was nowhere in my mind. Y’all act like people can’t think of the same melodies, and trust me. That melody ain’t nothing crazy. People will take anything and run with it.”

Is Queen Naija flirting with gospel to stir controversy? Let us know in the comments. 

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay