Lil Mo Criticizes Queen Naija’s Performance: Maybe She Should Have Sat This One Out

Lil Mo Criticizes Queen Naija’s Soul Train Awards Performance

Over the weekend, the Soul Train Awards aired an R&B cypher between BJ the Chicago Kid, Luke James,  Kelly Price, and newcomer Queen Naija. Each artist sang their heart out for a verse as viewers at home tuned in. One of the viewers included R&B singer, Lil Mo.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Lil Mo criticized Queen Naija’s performance.

Where shall I begin? Okay, from what I can see Queen Naija is a very very pretty girl. My daughters love her music…I pray she beats the odds, does numbers and remains humble. As for this cypher, maybe the pregnancy is prohibiting singing from the PIT. Maybe she should’ve war cried or just sat this one out until her seasoning is to its fullest savor. I really don’t know much about her besides what the blogs post but I believe she can reach her fullest vocal potential outside of its mediocrity if she stays around vocal bibles.

Lil Mo continued,

The look and voice is there. Just need someone on her team to tell her to TAP IN!! TBH tooooo many sound alike, look alike and have the same story (youtube or social media). 

Lil Mo then recommended that her followers get into Yebba Smith, who she says would

“sing half the world into a f*cking ditch.”

Lil Mo continued her criticism by posting additional videos of Yebba Smith and Kelly Price.


Naija was made aware of Lil Mo’s comments and took to Twitter to defend herself.

you should never have to put down someone to get your point across.

I’m just doing what God called me to do and that’s to use my gift of singing to reach others, I just started out in this game & I’m open to ANYTHING that could improve me as a singer, person, etc.

Word of advice from a young singer just now entering into the music industry, to VETS who’ve been in this game, ENCOURAGEMENT goes a long way. Someone could look up to you and adore you & you can completely ruin their view of you by speaking down on them.

Many of Queen Naija’s fans jumped to her defense.  Check out their interactions under some of Lil Mo’s other posts.

Watch Queen Naija’s performance here.

Authored by: TJB Writer