[VIDEO] 50 Cent Says Working With Diddy Is A Terrible Idea, Compares Tony Yayo To Expired Milk

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Breakfast Club’s Angela Yee, Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy kicked their syndication of their show with rapper/business man 50 Cent. Airing live on Revolt TV, 50 had a no holds barred conversation with the trio on a bit of everything. With his long awaited album, ‘Animal Ambition’ in stores this June, 50 chatted candidly about his relationship with members of G-Unit (he refers to one of them as expired milk),  rappers wearing female clothing (he’s not a fan of men in skirts, to put it lightly) and why linking up with Diddy is a horrible idea. Peep the excerpts below.

Being on the same plane with Ja Rule:

I stopped I knew he was there before he got there…People with me already boarded the plane. I kept getting up, going around, making him uncomfortable. Make him feel like he wish he wasn’t there at the moment.
Feeling comfortable with no security:
I did that at first [being swarmed with security] until I realized, they’re not really security. Those guys you see walking [with] artists. They’re night club guys, ex football guys, they’re not really into it like that.  I don’t walk around for those intentions. I have a different approach…You be grown and success will have you feel like you’re a little kid, where you can’t go to the bathroom by yourself.
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Tension with G-Unit members Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks:
What’s really interesting. I just shot 13 music videos. [Tony Yayo] Yay, I put him in like 4 of the joints. Some people are like milk, they have an expiration date and no matter what they do, they’ll spoil after awhile…I’ve done a lot for him. Being personable with people, they’ll feel that homeboy code, that guy code type of energy. They’ll be like you know what, you got it so you should give it to me, versus what makes sense. If you don’t sustain your value in the market place, I gotta pay you the market rate.
I do have to take a look at myself. In [Lloyd] Banks’ case, I can be considered at a little insensitive at some points because I didn’t have those different things in my life.
On his remarks that Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks didn’t work hard enough: 
I wanted them to go be Kanye West. I wanted them to be Lil Wayne for Cash Money. Wayne is a trained star. What they’re saying is great, when they’re surrounded by 50 Cent. You don’t even wanna hear that if I’m not in there.
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If he feels the industry plotted to shut him down: 
No. I don’t think they anticipated the success I had with the first projects, cause they had never seen a black artist feel that many records, with the kind of content…But to sell 13 million records, they go, ‘How? How are you doing that?’
If street credibility still exists:
I don’t even think it exists. When you see the people that had that credibility from the beginning make business decisions…that time period has past.
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Rappers wearing skirts and dresses:
I ain’t with it. I asked it on a mix tape. N*ggas wear skinny jeans. I can’t fit in. If you google rapper in a dress, do you know how many will pop? Young Thug, is the one that actually said, ‘This is a dress’. The other one’s will call it a kilt. If it’s a kilt and at apart of your culture why you got it on? What about that culture is making you choice to wear it for the evening?
On Puffy: 
Puffy might be the destination for anybody going nowhere. Nobody surviving.
Peep the entire clips below.

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