Damon Dash Accuses Funk Master Flex Of Messing w/ His Kids: You’re Not Gonna Hurt My Child For Ratings

Dame Dash, Funk Flex

Damon Dash Accuses Funk Master Flex Of Messing w/ His Kids: You’re Not Gonna Hurt My Child For Ratings

The beef between former Rocafella Records CEO Damon “Dame” Dash and popular Hot 97 DJ Funk Master Flex doesn’t seem to be cooling off anytime soon. Flex took to Instagram (again), using very sensitive subject matter to take a jab at Dame. In honor of the would-be 40th birthday of Dame’s late girlfriend, singer Aaliyah, Flex posted a photo of her with Jay Z. His caption read:

“@funkflex God bless the Beautiful Aaliyah! Happy 40th Birthday! Hahahah! Pic taken before @duskopoppington / Snake! (I’m so petty) #PettyFlex”

While promoting his daughter, Ava Dash‘s, new book, Dame called Flex out. He even asserted that Emmis Communications CEO, Jeff Smulyan, is Flex’s “master.” Emmis Communications owns Flex’s home station, Hot 97. Dame said:

“Generally speaking, for any man, to get a man to come out of pocket, all you gotta do is mess with his kids. And to see how it has to affect you, I just wish people would think before they speak. Because it’s not just me that they affect. So when someone like a ‘Funky Master Flex’ starts talking about your moms, it starts to make me wanna react a little different – but I have to do the right thing. But I would tread a little lightly when you start to deal with the things that people love the most for no reason. I don’t think anything is worth trying to prove that kind of point – hurting this beautiful, pure spirit that doesn’t deserve that. Because she loves me and her mother more than anything, and shouldn’t have to hear things like that. I just wanna say that – for Funk Master Flex – or the people that you work for; your masters, I’m holding you accountable. So the CEO, or whoever’s running things at Hot 97, betterholla at me. Because look who you’re hurting. And look how much and how far you’re going to prove a stupid point. You’re not gonna hurt my child for ratings. Y’all need to see what y’all do, and who y’all hurt for ratings, and look at the collateral damage it causes.”

His caption read:

“@duskopoppington A real man knows never to mess with a mans family to prove a point it’s in poor taste and out of line and only a Desperate coward would go that far…careercoon @funkflex I’m letting you know now we have a problem but Im not dealing with a slave I’m gonna deal with your master @hot97 and Jeff smulyan your slave has gone to far on your behalf and it’s gonna cost you I suggest y’all holla at me before I holla at y’all it will be cheaper …but I suggest you bench your slave before he cost y’all more trust me #staytuned #keepplaying @wsj @nymag @nytimes @wwd @vanlathan @tmz_tv @joebudden @revolttv @bet killing my culture as a buisness model has to stop”

Dame Dash didn’t stop there. He posted a video with Ava giving her perspective on fighting her parents’ battles. His second caption read:

“@duskopoppington Lucky for y’all my daughter @ava_dash was raised right and could careless about what a coward thinks…because she’s surrounded with love …and is confident enough to have the right perspective… and her own voice. #careercoons …maybe spend some time loving your family rather then hating your own culture and @hot97 y’all gonna have to pay I’m letting you know now your Slave went to far staytuned #iwantthesmoke #ceobeef cowards would not understand @culturevultures_book in stores now and @96wordsforlove available now both of us have books out #investinwomen @pagesix @vanlathan @tmz @entertainmenttonight @balleralert @dailymail @vice @vibemagazine @jerrynews @worldstar”

Has the beef between Dame Dash and Funk Master Flex gone too far?

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay