Lionel Richie’s Son Milo Richie Arrested After Yelling “I’ve Got A Bomb” On International Flight

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Lionel Richie’s Son Milo Richie Arrested After Yelling “I’ve Got A Bomb” On International Flight

It turns out youngest daughter Sofia isn’t the only child of legendary singer/songwriter Lionel Richie making headlines these days, as Richie’s son Milo just found himself in the middle of a pretty serious set of circumstances involving a bomb.

Milo Richie, 24, reported flew into a rage while boarding a flight from London’s Heathrow Airport over the weekend, during which he screamed out

‘I’ve got a bomb.”

Richie, a model, got into a verbal altercation with local authorities after he allegedly yelled out that he had a bomb and threatened to detonate it. After being denied boarding his flight out of Heathrow Airport, Richie allegedly became angry and then proceeded to claim he had a bomb that he would set off if he was not let onto the plane. This action prompted security to show up, at which time Richie reportedly punched one of the responding security guards.

Surprisingly, Richie was let off with a caution, which is equivalent to a warning in America, despite such a serious and disturbing offense. Reportedly, the caution was for communicating false information causing a bomb hoax and battery. In the U.K., when a caution is issued, the receiver is not booked or charged with a crime nor do they need to appear in court. However, the caution does go on the individual’s record, but it keeps what they consider low-level crimes out of the court system to keep the system unclogged.

A local spokesperson for London’s Metropolitan Police commented on the incident involving Richie, stating he “accepted a caution” Saturday for

“communicating false information causing a bomb hoax and battery following an incident at Heathrow (Airport) Terminal 5.”

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Milo Richie is one of two children Lionel Richie had while married to former dancer Diane Alexander, he is four years older than younger sister Sofia, 20. At press time, no one from the Richie family has spoken publicly about the incident.

By Danielle Jennings

Authored by: Kellie Williams