Terry Crews Slams DL Hughley For Mocking His Sexual Assault: “Should I Slap The Sh*t Out Of You?”

Terry Crews Slams DL Hughley For Mocking His Sexual Assault: “Should I Slap The Sh*t Out Of You?”

Actor Terry Crews is one of the few men that have spoken up about their experience with the “Me Too” movement. In 2017, he revealed he was sexually assaulted by his agent, and remained quiet for many years out of fear of being blackballed in Hollywood. He has since been ridiculed by many, asserting that a man as physically strong as the muscly actor should have no problems defending himself. Comedian DL Hughley is one of those critics. In an interview with VladTV, DL said this about Terry’s incident:

“I think it’s hard for me to think that a dude with all those muscles can’t tell an agent to not touch his a**…I don’t understand it. I think that now everybody’s so into this notion that everybody’s like, ‘It happened to me, too.’ Aye motherf*cka, God gave you muscles so you can say, ‘No,’ and mean it.”

Terry Crews took offense to DL’s interview, and called him out on Twitter, asking for an explanation. Terry tweeted:

“@RealDLHughley You told the world “God Gave Me Muscles So I Could Say No…” Are you implying I “wanted” to be sexually assaulted? I’m listening, sir…”

DL replied:

“You saw the video!”

They continued their exchange:

“Terry Crews: Sir you said I should have pushed him back, or restrained him and I DID ALL THOSE THINGS… but you act like I didn’t. Were you there?

DL Hughley: That’s different than slapping the shit outa him”

Then, Terry Crews challenged DL Hughley’s claims.

“So sir… If you truly feel that is a correct way to deal with toxic behavior… Should I slap the shit out of you?”

Terry also asserted that DL, and others who have mocked his sexual assault, should have nothing to do with him from now on.


Oop! Should Terry Crews be upset with DL Hughley?

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay