R.Kelly Banned From Philadelphia By City Council


Philadelphia City Council Announces R. Kelly Won’t Be Allowed In City

Philadelphia officials have moved forward with muting R. Kelly. Reportedly, city council passed a unanimous decision on Thursday to literally mute the singer by not welcoming him in the city. The decision comes after Lifetime’s six-part docu-series “Surviving R. Kelly” at the top of the year. Councilmen member at large, Helen Gym stated,

This resolution is about fundamentally stating a public declaration that R. Kelly and sexual predators like him don’t belong in a public sphere, with public support. This symbolic act of solidarity puts all sexual predators on notice.

Gym also tweeted,

Today our resolution honoring the #MuteRKelly movement passed in @PHLCouncil. Philly stands with survivors.

“Mute R. Kelly” was originally from formed and launched in Atlanta.

Authored by: Andre Palmer