BRAVO’s New ‘Married To Medicine: L.A.’ Spin-Off Trailer Released

BRAVO’s New ‘Married To Medicine: L.A.’ Spin-Off Trailer Released

Just as Bravo’s reality series Married to Medicine finished wrapping up its sixth season, the second spinoff of the show has been announced. Shortly after the final installment of the three-part Married to Medicine reunion aired, Bravo started to air teasers for the forthcoming Married to Medicine: L.A. Now, a full trailer has arrived and we have all the background on the show’s cast.

Married to Medicine Los Angeles follows a new group of successful female doctors and doctors’ wives as they navigate their personal and professional lives on the fast-paced west coast. The cast features, psychiatrist Dr. Imani Walker, actress Asha Kamali-Blankinship, family medicine physician Dr. Noelle Reid, real estate property manager Shanique Drummond, anesthesiologist Dr. Britten Cole, and friend Jazmin Johnson.

To tie the two shows together, Bravo is airing a special episode of the Atlanta-led Married to Medicne on Sunday, March 3 at 9PM, before the premiere of Married to Medicine Los Angeles a week later on Sunday, March 10 at 9PM.

Check out the cast bios and the official trailer BELOW:


Dr. Imani Walker, a psychiatrist, deals with patients who suffer from mental issues, homelessness, schizophrenia and chronic depression. At home, there’s her husband, Phil Johnson, from the 90’s R&B group “Portrait” and son, Idris. Walker is normally stoic and controlled, but when something strikes a nerve, she is quick to snap back.

Dr. Britten Cole, a “hard-nosed anaesthesiologist,” is one of the highest paid professionals in her field. She’s currently working as a temp, looking for a full-time position in Los Angeles. She was previously enlisted in the Navy with Dr. Contessa Metcalfe (from Atlanta’s show) and is the mom of two kids. Britten’s husband is Mack Major.

Dr. Noelle Reid owns Trinity Health and Wellness Center in Beverly Glen. and she believes in an East meets West approach to medicine. As a family doctor, she does everything from pap smears and prostate exams to physicals and treating STDs. Reid also has a studio where she teaches yoga and meditation multiple times a week. She completed her family picture when she met husband Erin Vines several years ago.

Asha Kamali-Blankinship is an actress married to Dr. Larry Blankinship, a physiatrist who specializes in patients with pinched nerves in their neck or back. While she is a doctor’s wife, she also prides herself on being a multi-hyphenate actress, producer and writer.

Shanique Drummond is a real estate property manager married to Dr. Robert Drummond, an urgent care physician in Los Angeles.

Born and raised in Inglewood, Jazmin Johnson is a full-time mother and wife who is married to a psychiatrist, in addition to being a full-time mom. Johnson loves pursuing her hobby of photography and comes to the group by way of Drummond.

See the trailer below.

Are you excited for Married to Medicine: L.A.? Or are you ready for the original ladies to return?

Authored by: Danielle Jennings