R. Kelly Accused of Abusing Ex Halle Calhoun, Allegedly Grabbed Her By Her Neck & Tossed Her Into Wall

R.Kelly, Halle Calhoun

R. Kelly Accused of Abusing Ex Halle Calhoun, Allegedly Grabbed Her By Her Neck & Tossed Her Into Wall

The drama surrounding singer/songwriter/producer R. Kelly has continued to have a domino effect with the airing of the scathing Lifetime documentary Surviving R. Kelly. The latest claim against the legendary performer involves his alleged abuse of ex-girlfriend Halle Calhoun.

R. Kelly and model Halle Calhoun reportedly ended their relationship sometime last year, with the former couple last spotted together in late 2017 at an Atlanta nightclub. However, despite the relationship between them being a thing of the past, there are new reports that claim R. Kelly was physically abusive to Calhoun.

According to new reports, sources claim that R. Kelly physically attacked Calhoun back in 2017 after one of his concerts. Sources close to Calhoun say that when he came backstage after his show, he accused her of looking at another man. It was revealed that Calhoun got physical first, shoving R. Kelly, who allegedly retaliated by grabbing her by her clothes around her neck and tossing her into a wall. The alleged incident is said to have been witnessed by both Jocelyn Savage and Azriel Clary. Another incident of physical abuse is also said to have taken place between R. Kelly and Calhoun at a later date.

R.Kelly & Halle Calhoun (circa 2017)

R. Kelly‘s camp is calling the entire incident untrue and a further attempt to try and slander his name. An additional source close to R. Kelly claims the singer is not violent and said if anything like that had happened, someone would have recorded video and sold it a long time ago.

Meanwhile, Calhoun is rumored to be dating rapper Rocko and living in Atlanta. She has yet to publicly respond to the Surviving R. Kelly documentary.

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Authored by: Danielle Jennings