Diddy Romantically Linked To Floyd Mayweather’s Ex Gina Huynh, Who He Allegedly Cheated On Cassie W/ 

Diddy Romantically Linked To Floyd Mayweather’s Ex Gina Huynh, Who He Allegedly Cheated On Cassie W/ 

Ever since music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs and model/singer Cassie ended their long-term relationship for good last year, many have speculated just who Combs would end up with next. Well, a little flirting on social media has fans jumping to the conclusion that he could possibly be back with an old flame.

Cassy, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs (circa 2016)

In October 2018, after ending their 10+ year relationship, Cassie and Combs didn’t publicly comment on the split, but Cassie made things clear when she posted photos/videos of her new BF on social media.

Cassie & boyfriend Alex Fine

Now, it seems that Combs is officially getting back into the dating scene himself, after the shocking death of ex Kim Porter, and it possibly leads back to his ex-fling Gina Huynh, one of Floyd Mayweather’s former “girls.”

According to Love B Scott, Combs is currently seeing Huynh again after dating her in the past. They reportedly spent the majority of Super Bowl weekend together in Atlanta, where Combs was all over the city partying like only he can. If you’ll recall, Huynh is the same woman who Combs allegedly cheated with twice in the past while he was with Cassie, both in 2015 and 2018, causing them to separate for a period of time.

Fast forward to the present and Huynh is getting Combs’ attention once again through a timely Instagram post. She recently posted a picture with the simple caption “Hey big head,” to which Combs responded with heart eyes.

However, things may not be as serious with Huynh as fans would like to believe, as Combs just revealed his true relationship status.

He recently discussed his single status on Instagram, saying:

 “I ain’t gonna lie — my friends have been asking me if I’m ‘single Diddy’ yet. I’m single motherf–king Diddy. I ain’t gonna lie!”

It appears that Combs is enjoying being single after being in such a long relationship, but given just how high-profile he is, he’ll continue to be seriously linked to any woman he spends a specific amount of time with.

Do you think Diddy and Gina Huynh are dating? Who do you think he should date next?

Authored by: Danielle Jennings