Ex Housewives Star Katie Rost Suffers Miscarriage, Shares Graphic Naked Photo Amid Sexual Assault & Custody Battle

Ex Housewives Star Katie Rost Suffers Miscarriage, Shares Graphic Naked Photo Amid Sexual Assault & Custody Battle

Often, when former Real Housewives depart the show, audiences rarely find out what they’re up to unless they follow them on social media. However, former Real Housewives of Potomac star Katie Rost has had so much drama going on in her personal life recently, that it’s hard to ignore.

Season one RHOP cast member Katie Rost has far more drama going on in her life now, then she ever did while she was on the show—and some of it is very disturbing. Rost, who has three children with ex-husband Dr. James Orsini, is in the middle of a nasty custody battle that has now allegedly included sexual assault. In summer 2018, Rost posted on social media that she hadn’t seen her children in months because her ex wouldn’t allow it.

Fast forward to earlier this year and Rost’s behavior has become increasingly concerning. She released video footage of her ex verbally abusing her, revealing that she was at risk of being put in jail in New Jersey for releasing said video, launching a GoFundMe account to help with her legal fees and posting several #MeToo stories on Instagram.

However, the most disturbing of all is the extremely graphic miscarriage photo she shared on social media of her lying in a pool of blood, naked on the bathroom floor. Allegedly, Rost was three months pregnant by current boyfriend Jacob, who apparently blamed her ex for inducing so much stress that she lost the baby. He then decided allegedly snapped the photo and posted it on Rost’s social media because he was angry.

Rost explained the miscarriage photo in the comments, writing:

“I miscarried, Jacob took the picture, he posted it on my phone, he was mad, said they killed my baby. I am ok, will take this down.”


Some of the current cast of RHOP also left comments on the photo, asking about Rost’s well-being, including Karen Huger, Robyn Dixon and Candiace Dillard.

That’s not all though, Rost recently uploaded a photo of a police report alleging that Orsini had sexually assaulted her. On the photo’s caption, she wrote:

“As soon as I got here , my therapist told me,” katie, let it go, no more lies, no more protection for your abuser” And so as vulnerable as this makes me, I’m telling my truth today. Even though the state of New Jersey told me I’m not allowed to tell my story and I may go to jail. Here it is from the public record.”


It seems as though the serious bad blood between the exes is largely due to the New Jersey courts siding with Orsini in his request that Rost stop bashing him on social media and on TV. Additionally, things have gotten so bad between them that it led Orsini to withhold their children from Rost last summer.

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Authored by: Danielle Jennings