Rapper Trina: I Don’t Wanna Become What Broke My Heart [VIDEO]

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Peter Bailey took his in-depth online show NiteCap with Peter Bailey to sit down and talk to rapper Trina. Instead of the normal few minute interviews, the two chat for a few hours to get the nitty gritty on everything from music, love, God, and more. With this particular sit down, the Miami native kept it all the way real on her take on heartbreak (“It’s a horrible feeling. You don’t know if you want to punch the wall or you just want to scream.”) With romantic breakups with the likes of Lil Wayne and French Montana, she knows a thing or two about moving forward. Check out excerpts from their interview and then listen to it in full interview below.


On social media aiding to cheating:

It’s so much access to any and everything you want to get to. If you have a relationship and if things aren’t going right, it’s so easy for you to get to this person across town, and this person, because it’s so accessible. I feel like it makes it harder because guys don’t want to stay with one situation. I think it’s the challenge to be able to do what you want to do and move around. Everything’s so fast you don’t understand what one relationship is.

On women with men mentality:

I definitely feel like this generation, the women are becoming the men. There was this thing that women shouldn’t do what guys do. Now it’s almost like women don’t care, it’s almost like an equal standard. I don’t feel like it’s better I feel like if you don’t want to be committed in a situation, just be single. But if you get into something and yourself being committed or faithful or you make a person feel like that’s what it should be, just give that. Otherwise why even go through that part because it’s the agony, the torture, the distrust, the going from love to hate. All these things just make everyone crazy.

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On being heartbroken:

Authored by: Sharifa Daniels