Joe Budden Irate W/ Safaree Samuels for Bringing Erica Mena On Love & Hip Hop Trip [VIDEO]

Joe Budden Irate W/ Safaree Samuels for Bringing Erica Mena On Love & Hip Hop Trip [VIDEO]

Lines can get easily blurred when members of friend groups have mutual exes. Things escalated quickly on last night’s (2/25/19) episode of “Love and Hip Hop: New York,” when Safaree Samuels brought his fiancee, Erica Mena, on a group vacation with his castmates. However, prior to the trip, he told Joe Budden that Erica wouldn’t be in attendance. Joe’s fiancee, Cyn Santana, is Erica Mena’s ex-girlfriend. Joe and Safaree’s confrontation went like this:

“Joe Budden: Safaree, you don’t feel like you owe me nad my lady an apology?
Safaree Samuels: For what?…
Joe: So you don’t remember the phone call that you and I had last week about homegirl when I asked if you were flying her out here? Because that’s my girl’s old work – so that was a man call between you and I. That was a call for you to hit me and let me know what was happening so I could know how to move and dictate my household in the appropriate manner.
Maino: What we talkin’ about, though?
Safaree: Erica’s here.
Joe: I guess the minute question is, why don’t you feel like you owe us an apology?
Safaree: Well, when we had that convo, that wasn’t the scenario – bringing my girl here.
Joe: When the situation changed- you got my number! That was a simple f*cking text- if you care about the relationship. You not a stranger to me. We talk. I’ve been to your home. I don’t take these types of things lightly at all, my n*gga. I’mma keep it a bean with you. So, I’m trying to address it this way. Any other n*gga- I swear to God this would go different! This would go a different way! When you run around with homegirl, have a f*cking blast, my n*gga! But when it’s in that close proximity of my family, it’s a security breach. I don’t play family games!
Safaree: It’s my business, and nobody’s seeing her! Any of y’all seen her?
Joe: I’m not asking what the f*ck you think about it! I don’t give a f*ck about your views! Clearly your ideology is off! I’m not asking you something! I’m telling you! When you f*ck with my b*tch’s old b*tches, you gon’ respect my f*cking word, my n*gga!
Safaree: It’s nobody’s business!
Joe: Fam, if I’m putting d*ck in Nicki Minaj and I fly her out here, n*gga, that’s your business!
Safaree: It is what it is. ‘Cause now the way you comin’- clappin’ and all that cursin’ sh*t, my n*gga, I wouldn’t come at you like that.
Joe: You keep talking, my n*gga, and it’s gon’ go a different way!”

Oop! Erica Mena feels that because she wasn’t filming or interacting with the group, her presence shouldn’t have been a point of conflict.

Joe Budden stands by what he said.

Was Joe Budden too harsh on Safaree Samuels? Let us know in the comments. 

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay