Rickey Smiley Was Once Fired For Speaking Out Against R Kelly

Rickey Smiley Was Once Fired For Speaking Out Against R Kelly

Rickey Smiley recently revealed that he was once fired for his then unpopular opinion about R.Kelly. The 50 year old comedian/actor radio personality  posted a video on his Instagram page with the caption, “I Lost My Job Speaking Out Against #R. Kelly”. He stated,

“Yeah. Let me tell you something about that R. Kelly situation. Man all those folks ain’t finna wake up and just all of sudden accuse him of all this stuff”.

He continued on saying,

“I know one of the girls. She use to work with us at 97.9 The Beat in Dallas. We had been knowing this for years. We knew this way before that came out”. Rickey then went on to give more details leading up to him losing his job.

“As a matter of fact, when I was on the Doug Banks morning show, I spoke out against R. Kelly and I got fired, eventually”.

He added,

“Cause the program director in Chicago said that we getting ready to do something with R. Kelly and they didn’t like my comment and eventually umm…eventually dog they got me outta there and I end up losing my job because I spoke out against R. Kelly.”

Finally, he went on to say,

“So you know what I’m saying, what I’ve been saying for years, what I’ve been saying for years…”.

Many fans and followers agree that the comedian/radio personality did the right thing by speaking out against R. Kelly. One follower commented on the post saying,

“I’m glad you speaking out about this Ricky and it’s a crying shame you got fired over speak it out on our Khaalyn keep doing what you’re doing you one of the funniest!”.

Another follower praised Rickey for his sacrifice and standing up for young girls.

“@realrickeysmiley so much trauma inflicted on little black girls could have been avoided if the powers that be would have taken heed to what you and others were saying years ago. The whole machine put profit over protecting these girls. Thank you for speaking up and for enduring the consequences. Indeed you were blessed for your sacrifice.

Last month, R. Kelly was charged with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse in Cook County which involved four victims. Since then, the singer did his first interview since being charged with Gayle King where he denied all the allegations against him.

He maintains his innocence.

How do you feel about Rickey being axed over his remarks? Let us know in the comments. 

By Kina Lenee Gladney 

Authored by: Kellie Williams