LaToya Jackson Recalls Being In An Abusive Relationship & Isolated From The World: I Was Beaten! 

LaToya Jackson

LaToya Jackson Recalls Being In An Abusive Relationship & Isolated From The World: I Was Beaten! 

In a resurfaced 1993 interview, LaToya Jackson spoke about her brother’s alleged sexual abuse in wake of the new documentary called ‘Leaving Neverland.’ While publicly criticizing her brother, Michael Jackson, LaToya revealed her past as a domestic abuse victim.

Latoya Jackson, Michael Jackson

At the time, she stated:

“I am a victim myself and I know what it feels like. These kids are going to be scarred for the rest of their lives and I don’t want to see any more innocent, small children being affected this way. I love Michael very dearly but I feel even more sorry for these children because they don’t have a life anymore, they don’t.”

This week, LaToya shared more details of her abuse. The 62-year-old television personality says she was so isolated from the outside world, she didn’t know how to use a laptop or cell phone to communicate.

“Freedom is extremely important to me, simply because I thought there was a time that I wouldn’t exist, I wasn’t able to be myself and express myself, I was beaten, I was dictated to and told exactly what do say to the media and how, or else I simply wasn’t allowed to speak to anyone, read or even watch-television…

She continued,

“I didn’t even know how to use a cell phone or computer because he didn’t want me to gain knowledge from the outside world. I wasn’t privy to it.”

Jackson urges those that are still suffering to take control of their lives.

“I’m simply urging you to take control of your life and not allow anyone and I do mean ANYONE to control you. My inexperience of not knowing how manipulative, conniving and controlling people can enter one’s life is DEVASTATING!”


As previously reported, this wasn’t the Jackson sister’s last time blasting Michael Jackson. She spoke to several other large media outlets, including the “Today Show.”

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Authored by: Gregory Molette