Lizzo Debuts New Track W/ Missy Elliott [New Music]

Lizzo Debuts New Track With Missy Elliott

Rapper Lizzo is living out her hip-hop dreams with her latest collaboration. The young emcee just dropped a new track with legendary artist Missy Elliott and she gushed about the pairing on social media.

Missy Elliott means a lot to the music industry, specifically the world of hip-hop, thanks to her groundbreaking music, videos, fashion and coming of age in a time in hip-hop where female rappers were presenting the opposite of what she was selling. It’s no surprise then, that Elliott inspired an entire generation of young female rappers, including upstart Lizzo.

Lizzo just dropped her collaboration with Elliott called “Tempo” and she explained just how much it meant to her to work with one of her musical heroes in an emotional Instagram post.

In her post, Lizzo wrote:

“There’s a lot of promo s**t the label wanted me to post today but I’d rather share these intimate moments and an even more intimate story. 2 years ago I met my hero. I played her my music, she threw beats at me as I freestyled. It was fun and life changing—10 years ago if you told me I’d rap w/ Missy Elliott, I’d think that was impossible…so we took selfies because I thought I’d never see her again. I never posted these pictures because they were just for me.. a secret I held close to my heart. But also… deep down inside I knew one day we’d have something even more special than a selfie.”

She continued, adding:

“Today is that day. Missy, you are the inspiration of my entire career. When you dropped music videos (?give her the vanguard award ?@mtv@vmas !!!!!) or SHUT DOWN award shows I felt SEEN. More importantly I felt REPRESENTED. You made this chubby, weird, black girl believe that ANYTHING was possible. And now we have a BANGER together ?— till this day you continue to inspire me to make my dreams come true. Now go f**k it up to the #TEMPO and STREAM OUR SONG!!!! ?? Love You @missymisdemeanorelliott?

You can check out the FULL “Tempo” track with Lizzo featuring Missy Elliott BELOW:

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Authored by: Danielle Jennings