Andrew Caldwell Granted a Restraining Order Against Adrien Broner [Documents Attached]

Andrew Caldwell Gets A Restraining Order Against Boxer Adrien Broner [Court Documents]

Perhaps this is Andrew C. Caldwell‘s way of protecting himself from another lawsuit! The viral sensation is nipping his fiery social media spat with boxer Adrien Broner in the bud. He took to a St. Louis courthouse today (3/21/19), and was ‘delivert’ a restraining order – prohibiting Adrien from being within 500 feet from him after threatening to shoot gay men in the face if they come near him.

It can be assumed that the “gay men” Adrien Broner referred to was Andrew Caldwell, after he blasted him on Instagram for allegedly making a pass at him via direct message.

Andrew responded, implying that the lightweight boxer is a closeted homosexual, and made a pass at him.

The St. Louis judge says that Andrew’s fear was “reasonable” after the video was posted. The restraining order also prevents both Andrew and Adrian from posting about each other on social media. A hearing about extending the order is set to take place on April 1st.

Is Andrew Caldwell’s restraining order justified or extreme? Let us know in the comments. 

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay