Solange Knowles Hates Being Called A Hipster + Why Her Parents Supported Her Teenage Marriage

I’m a huge fan of Beyonce’s 26-year-old baby sister, Solange Knowles. Partially because she lacks the celebrity filter (you know the kind I’m talking about…everything’s rehearsed, even the ‘I don’t talk about that’ sounds robotic) and then there’s the style thing. I’m no fashion girl, but a small part of her wardrobe reminds me of something my grandmother would wear, subsequently it works for her. Anywho, we caught an interview of her with the Guardian where she talks about her upcoming EP, that potty mouth and media temper (my words, not hers), being Beyonce’s sister and jumping the broom prematurely. Peep a few excerpts.

On why she hates being labeled a ‘hipster’:

“Hipster? I despise that word! Come on. It’s just a lazy way to describe someone who doesn’t define themselves in a narrow way, culturally speaking.”

On her and Beyonce growing up, without expensive, high-end labels and clothes:

 “My sister and I were not allowed expensive clothes. We so badly wanted these Fila sneakers as kids but my mother took us down to the flea market and got imitation ones. Look at the early Destiny’s Child videos, you’ll see!”

On getting married at age 17, to her son’s father:

 “In retrospect, it was very young to get started on those things, but I had been working since I was 13, so I felt I had a head start. I’m sure deep down my parents were not completely thrilled, but I had my own money. I’d been working for five years by then, so there wasn’t much they could do but offer moral support, which they did.”

On the negative public attention that she received after snapping on a reporter, during an interview (in 2008):

 “If I was a male rapper responding in that way, it would have been no big deal. But when a black woman stands up for herself suddenly she has an attitude problem.” Besides, who cares? It’s Fox.”

And if that’s not enough Solange for you, T R U E, her new EP drops Nov. 27th.