UPDATE: Nipsey Hussle Shook Hands W/ His Alleged Murderer Just Before His Death, Suspect Charged W/ Murder

Nipsey Hussle, Eric Holder

UPDATE: Nipsey Hussle Shook Hands W/ His Alleged Murderer Just Before His Death, Suspect Charged W/ Murder

As more details come out surrounding the shooting death of slain rapper Nipsey Hussle, the setting regarding what happened just before he was gunned down has become even more chilling. New reports claim that just before he met his untimely death, Hussle reportedly shook hands with his alleged murderer.

The man who would eventually go on to allegedly murder rapper Nipsey Hussle, reportedly shook his hand just before he committed the deadly crime, according to reports.

Eric Holder

Friend and business partner of Hussle, Herman Douglas, says he was one of the last people to see him alive while he was outside of his Marathon Clothing store in L.A. Douglas says that moments before the shooting took place, he noticed that alleged murderer Eric Holder had “envy and hate in his eyes.”

Nipsey Hussle

Douglas also described the scene, including Holder shaking hands with Hussle before he fatally shot him:

“Me and Nipsey was talking, and the dude that shot him (Eric Holder), he came and shook our hands. Said he was a rapper and this old bulls**t. Shook our hands, the dude went and got his burger. He left. So, I might have left Nipsey’s side maybe three seconds. I left him maybe, approximately three seconds that I had left Nipsey and the dude came and shot him.”

Douglas also stated that Holder was jealous of Hussle because of his success:

“What seems to be a less talented rapper had envy and hate in his eyes. It was nothing else. It was no motive. It was no beef.”

Multiple reports note that, Holder was an aspiring rapper who went by name Fly Mac, according to his Soundcloud profile page, posted a slew of tracks from 2015 to 2018. Most of his lyrics were referencing murders, gun violence, gang activity and more.

Holder has been charged with murder and is currently being held in solitary confinement at the L.A. County Jail, due to fears for his safety if placed in general population.

His bail has been set at over $7 million dollars and he will remain jailed until his trial date arrives.

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Authored by: Danielle Jennings