Teairra Mari Drops New 50 Cent Response Song, “I Ain’t Got It” [New Music]

Teairra Mari Drops New 50 Cent Response Song, “I Ain’t Got It”

Reality star/singer Teairra Mari and former rapper/actor 50 Cent have been trading barbs and going for the juggler with each other for several months, stemming from a $30,000 judgement Mari has failed to pay 50 in her revenge porn lawsuit. Now, Mari has upped the ante by dropping a new track addressing the whole ordeal.

Although Teairra Mari has been ordered to pay 50 Cent the $30K she owes him, she has been adamant in letting him know that she “ain’t got it.” Mari has been very forthcoming about her financial situation and her inability to pay 50 right now. This has led him to making multiple social media posts about her on social media, through name-calling, threats and more.

Teairra Mari, 50 Cent

In her latest response to what some consier cyber-bullying, Mari just dropped a new track, called “I Ain’t Got It,” where she discusses everything that’s been going on with the case—and 50’s constant badgering.

Some of the sample lyrics include:

“Oh you think you gettin’ I ain’t got it” before adding, “Now I ain’t got it oh boy I’m popping / Am taking off like a rocket for thirty thousand / That’s what you loan / Y’all some lame ass ni**as I’m a Detroit b*tch.”

Mari initially previewed the clip of the song on social media, where she asked 50 to hop on the track for a feature:

“Hey @50cent hit me ASAP I need you on this Feature..not dropping it till I get your verse I got you…But #IAintGotit”

At press time, 50 Cent has yet to respond to the song.

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Authored by: Danielle Jennings