Russell Wilson Gifts Seattle Seahawks Offensive Line w/ 12k In Amazon Stock

Russell Wilson Gifts Seattle Seahawks Offensive Line w/ $12,000 in Amazon stock

Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson thanks his offensive lineman with a very unique gift over the weekend after signing one of the biggest NFL extensions with any team. After becoming the highest paid player in history, Wilson, 30, cashed out and gifted over $15o,000 worth of Amazon stock to his 13 offensive linemen, which equals out to $12,000 each. According to reports, along with their stock in Amazon, Wilson also wrote a thoughtful letter thanking his men for their physical and mental sacrifice.

“Every Sunday we go to battle together. You sacrifice your physical and mental well-being to protect me, which in turn allows me to provide and care for my family.”

Russell Wilson

Wilson’s letter continued, adding how he wanted to gifted the lineman with something impactful.

“This does not go unnoticed and it is never forgotten. When I sat down to think of ways to honor your dedication a dozen different ideas came to mind. Some were flashy, some were cool, but I wanted to give you something that had a lasting impact. Something that would affect the lives of you, your family, and your children.”

The 6-time Pro Bowler ends his letter with a heartfelt message,

“You have invested in my life … this is my investment into yours.”

The quarterback last week, reached agreement with the Seahawks to return on a four-year, $140 million extension that includes a $65 million signing bonus. The extension makes Wilson the highest-paid player in the NFL, according to reports. Seahawks head coach, Pete Carroll spoke on Wilson’s impact on the team.

“Russ has been a huge factor in everything that has happened, and this allows us to stay on track with continuing to push to find that consistency. Russell is a unique player, a unique competitor. It’s rare the way he’s just so consistently connected to competing and battling. To keep that factor as part of the program is just a real positive for our fans and for everyone.”

Wilson posted a video at 3am in response to his deal while lying in bed next to his wife, Ciara. Wilson says,

“Hey Seattle, we got a deal. Go Hawks. But I’ma see y’all in the morning. Time for y’all to go to bed.”

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Authored by: Gregory Molette