NFL’er Cam Newton Reacts To Blogger Who Called Him Trash After His Rumored Girlfriend Jasmin “Jazzy” Brown Stated She “Loves” Being Submissive

Jasmin Brown, Cam Newton

NFL’er Cam Newton Reacts To Blogger Who Called Him Trash After His Rumored Girlfriend Jasmin “Jazzy” Brown Stated She “Loves” Being Submissive

NFL star Cam Newton is standing his ground against internet users.

The quarterback recently addressed one social media blogger who presumed to know about his personal life, repeatedly calling him trash. In the response Cam Newton, 33, was seemingly defending the beliefs of his rumored girlfriend, Jasmin “Jazzy” Brown. The 33-year-old social media influencer caught backlash recently after giving her controversial opinion about being a submissive woman.

Going by the handle Judaeaunscripted89 on instagram, the self titled “relationship blogger” posted a reaction to Jazzy’s video. In a lengthy caption, the user wrote:

“So, before I say my piece. Please understand I know that Cam Newton is trash, I warned y’all a long time ago that he was. But as usual when you see a “Black Love” relationship, all the trash sh*t about the man goes out the window because he is with a black woman. So, please don’t Comment with the “he is trash” WE KNOW!! You the one late to the party.”

Cam Newton

Then continued:

“Submissive comes in different ways and forms. So, just because you didn’t ask him to cook or clean doesn’t mean you ain’t asking him to submit to you…. The point is, don’t submit to a man who is not worthy. If you choose to do that, then that on you……but hey; this is Just my Opinion…#thatisall#camnewton#nfl”

One thing the user likely didn’t account for was a response from Cam himself. The former Carolina Panther commented under the post, writing:

“I can accept me being trash THANK YOU; that will uplift me I HOPE YOUR BLOG SUCCEEDS AS I SEE IT IS DOING VERY WELL, so far… nevertheless I feel as if you can use your platform to bring sunshine to someone RATHER than more RAIN (there are HELLA blogs already tearing down people daily)…hey, but what do I know IM TRASH.”

Responding to the users follow up comment, Cam stated:

“are you married!? do you have kids!? WHAT IS THE NAME OF THE PERSON IM ACTUALLY TALKING TO!?….the person I AM HAVING A CONVERSATION WITH KNOWS ALOT ABOUT ME… so could you please render that infor so I can have an idea od the person I am speaking with…”

Cam has previously sparked many debates due to his personal views on women in relationships. The famous athlete went viral after previously stating that women need to “know how to cater to a man” in relationships.

While interviewing the social media star Brittany Renner, the father of 5 also made headlines after addressing why he chose not to marry his longtime girlfriend Shakia Proctor after 4 children and 9 years of dating.

Kia Proctor and her Children

What are your thoughts on Jazzy and Cam’s comments, agree or disagree? Give us your thoughts in the comments. 

Authored by: Kay Johnson