Tamar Braxton Says “Braxton Family Values” Production Twists Stories W/ Bad Editing: “This Is Disgusting!”

Tamar Braxton Says “Braxton Family Values” Production Twists Stories W/ Bad Editing: “This Is Disgusting!”

The drama didn’t stop for the Braxton sisters after they sat down with Iyanla Vanzant! Last night’s (4/25/19) episode of “Braxton Family Values” uncovered more fighting among sisters Tamar Braxton and Traci Braxton. For the second time, Tamar approached Traci to open up for her on a string of east coast tour dates.

Unfortunately, from the start there were many breakdowns in communication between Tamar and Traci’s management teams – from Traci’s manager Ciff not being allowed on the premises to their bus driver being given incorrect directions. Both seemingly caused Tamar Braxton to pop off!

However, she says this wasn’t the case. Tamar says that “Braxton Family Values” is the result of twisted stories and bad editing. The “Big Brother: Celebrity” winner and her ex-husband, Vincent Herbert, spearheaded the show as creators and executive producers when it started. She says, it has, since, declined in quality and fun. She vented throughout the episode on social media.

“Smh… man, I’m going to bed…. i have a headache. Me and my ex started and FUNDED this show all to have NOTHING to do with the control of it 10 yrs later… this is DISGUSTING”

Tamar says that next week’s episode is worse!

Her friend and business coordinator LeTroy Davis vouched for how scenes were pieced together incorrectly, adding to the drama.

Among the most dramatic scene of the episode was a fiery confrontation between LeTroy and Traci’s manager, Cliff. Cliff proceeded to hurl a homophobic slur at LeTroy after he asked Cliff to leave the venue at Tamar’s request.


Tamar informed fans that this wasn’t Cliff’s first time being violent and problematic. He has reportedly physically threatened Tamar before – which is why she wanted him escorted off the premises.

Tracis Braxton and her husband are also shown growing upset backstage due to Traci not being given an actual dressing room as Tamar did. Tamar eluded that she should have been grateful, instead, for the opportunity to open up for her. Traci, simply, says she is letting go of that tough time.

Do the Braxton sisters need further mediation or are they victims of poor editing? Let us know in the comments.

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay