Madonna Dropping $5 Million For Her Billboard Performance

Madonna Dropping $5 Million For Her Billboard Performance

As the 2019 award season is wrapping up, Madonna, 60, is doing everything she can to make sure her upcoming comeback is an unforgettable one. The singer is said to be spending $5 million of her own money to pay for the production of her performance at the Billboard Music Awards.

Her moment on the show will be seven minutes long and will feature her new song, “Medellin,” with South American artist Maluma, who will also join her on stage. The single is Madonna’s first from her 14th studio album MadameX. That project is scheduled to be released on June 14, and will be her first in four years.

As for why she’s spending so much money? Apparently she’s attempting to add in a hologram and CGI (images generated by a computer).

She’s shared moments of her and Maluma practicing for their big performance.

She also posted a few sneak peeks.



One of her most memorable Billboard Music Award performances was her tribute to Prince back in 2016.

The Billboard Music Awards air live from Las Vegas Wednesday at 8/7c.

Will you be watching Madonna’s performance? 

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