Tennis Star Sloane Stephens Engaged To Soccer Star Jozy Altidore

Tennis Star Sloane Stephens Engaged To Soccer Star Jozy Altidore

Congratulations to newly engaged couple tennis player Sloane Stephens and U.S. Mens’s soccer player Jozy Altidore! The couple announced their plans to tie the knot Monday as Stephens writes on social media,

”Forever yes.”


Altidore, 29, is in his fifth season with Toronto FC of Major League Soccer. He is one of the most prolific scorers in U.S. national team history, as he’s netted 41 goals in 110 appearances. The soccer star adds a photo on Instagram of his happy moment with his now fiancé, both sitting on stairs in their home marking a new start together.

“Forever starts now.”

The new sports power couple have been together just over 2 years prior to their engagement. As childhood friends, Stephens, 26,  and Altidore grown up together in Florida. Before becoming a couple, Altidore became a proud father of a young son he had from a previous relationship.

In February, the soccer star signed a contract extension in February with Toronto for the next 3 years.

He details his relationship with Stephens in 2017, adding how the couple’s chemistry works with just a stare.

“She is somebody who gets everything I am going through without having to say anything. You look at each other and you kind of know right away if one of you is annoyed. She just kind of gets the mood I’m in, as obviously she lives a very similar kind of life.

He continues,

“In that regard it works really well, there is no stress. She is a successful athlete and I do okay, and we just enjoy our time together when we are together

Congratulations to the newly engaged  couple!

Authored by: Gregory Molette