Kash Doll Is Still In Love w/ Childhood Crush Omarion [Photos]

Kash Doll Is Still In Love w/ Childhood Crush Omarion [Photos]

Rapper Kash Doll revealed on social media her love for a particular member of a boy group after having a fanout moment while at the Millennium Tour featuring R&B group, B2K. Kash, 27, posted a series of videos gushing over her childhood crush and lead singer, Omarion. The rapper shares a moment in her younger years while in a room filled with posters of Omarion shirtless as she wears a black T-shirt with a huge photo of the singer/dance on the front of the shirt. She writes,

“When you see the last pic, you’ll understand! Listen, this was my man before I was kissing boys.”

She continues, adding how much she was in love with Omarion while sharing he is still off limits to everyone.

“I use to b head over hills. I had an amazing experience. We still go together hoes, don’t try me.”

The Detroit rapper (real name Arkeisha Knight) responds to a fan who commented that she and Omarion could pass as siblings. Kash says,

“Everybody use to say that.”

Singers Sevyn, Lil’ Mo, and Tiffany Foxx also commented how cute and hilarious Kash’s fanout moment was during the Millennium Tour.

Kash was also spotted with B2K member, J-Boog backstage at their tour stop in Louisville, Kentucky.

While in her best millennium outfit in a throwback Toronto Raptors jersey dress and Jordans sneakers, the rapper and singer even remade one of Omarion’s notable choreography routines for his hit single, ‘Touch.’


As previously reported, not only does Kash Doll have a crush on B2K’s Omarion, the rapper recently had to check a fan of Trey Songz who DM’ed her for liking a number of the singer’s photos on Instagram. She then received a message from a crazed fan that read:

“Get Tf Out My Niggah Dms Bitch. Trey Songz Wife Hoe”

Kash Doll texted Trey a screenshot of the message, which he reposted to Instagram with the caption:

“What’s going on here? ???? @kashdoll”

Kash Doll responded by professing her lifelong love for the R&B crooner, a confession that is bound to make his fans even more upset.

I can like all your pics if I want to! I been crushin on u since I worked at Best Buy watching “can’t be friends” on all the TVs.

Check out Kash Doll getting ready for the B2K tour below:


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Authored by: Gregory Molette