Kim Kardashian Says She Can’t Keep Daughter North West Out of Her Closet

Kim Kardashian Says She Can’t Keep Daughter North West Out of Her Closet

“Everybody wants to be us!” Fashionista North West is at it yet again, in a post by the 5 year-old’s reality tv star mom, Kim Kardashian says she is taken back by her first born’s passion for fashion. On Thursday, the Keep Up With The Kardashian star reveals after coming home from work, North would be tucked away in her closets trying on all her clothes. Kim writes,

“I didn’t think my daughters love for my clothes and jewelry would happen so soon. I’ll literally be working and come home to find North dressed up in all of my things.”

Kim continues, adding how she has encouraged North with her new sense of fashion by gifting her with North’s very own custom sunglasses from Kim’s brand.

“I made her these kid size Carolina Lemkeberlin sunglasses because I really wouldn’t share mine lol! I love my fashionista Northie so much!”

Fellow fashionistas and reality show stars Eva Marcille and Evelyn Lozada posted their support of Miss North new found love. Lozada comments a few heart emojis adding,

”Too much sauce.”

Last week, the 5-year-old was caught cutely dressing herself with her mom’s fashion. In fact, the little fashionista had a meltdown after her mom asked her to return Kim’s pink and black Yeezy snakeskin high heels, which retailed for more than $700. Kim shared the meltdown moment on social media.

“Sooooo Miss North dressed herself and thought she was ready for the day until I explained she couldn’t wear my boots.”

Does North have a future in fashion? Let us know in the comments. 

Authored by: Gregory Molette