T.I. & Tiny’s Son King Harris Seen Getting Into A Fight w/ Classmate For Wearing A Kodak Black Hoodie

T.I. and Tiny, King Harris, Kodak Black

T.I. & Tiny’s Son King Harris Spotted Fighting In School Bathroom

Aw lawd!

T.I.and Tiny’s son King Harris got into a fight in a school bathroom. And it was all caught on tape.

King has since spoken out and shared his side of things.

“I can’t tell you all that happened… basically, this dude… we fought. This dude hit me one time, one time! It looked like he hit me a couple times, but on God, you don’t see nothing on my face. I still look light-skinned, no bruises, one bruise right here. That’s all you see on me, no other bruises. Therefore, he hit me one time. He hit me one time!”

He then suggested that the guy he was fighting looks even worse.

“I am able to come on here and show my face. He wasn’t. He didn’t wanna show his face. I can show my lip, I can show my inner lip, I can show all that, cause he only hit me once, and that was in the beginning. And I was really  using one hand, I really ain’t use my right hand. I was just using my left hand, tagging him dang near every hit.”

He ended by making it clear everyone knows he won.

“So honestly, I don’t care about nobody opinion cause he know he lost, and I know he lost. He cannot fight.”

His big sister Zonnique co-signed and said in a different clip,

“First things first baby my little brother wasn’t getting whooped. Let’s clear that up right now. My little brother wasn’t getting whooped, that’s one. Two, that boy fighting about his respect, no cap… That boy didn’t get beat up. Did you see him fall? I don’t think so, cause I sure didn’t.”

She said she saw it on Twitter and called him and asked about it. She also revealed that it was because the kid was wearing a Kodak Black hoodie.  Last year, Kodak Black was feuding with the Harris family after he called T.I. and Tiny’s sons “f*ggots” in a diss track and dissed Tiny’s physical appearance, calling her “piggy.”

Zonnique said she called King and asked him,

“Boy what you doing getting that a** whooped? He was like ‘Nah man…’ So basically, my mama told me that the little boy was wearing some shirt that got something to do with Kodak [Black]. I don’t know if he said something or King being King told him he don’t need to be wearing it… And… King ended up telling him ‘You disrespecting my mama, you can’t wear that s***.’ And my mama said the little boy was on Live talking about he would’ve took the s*** off, but King called him out. You know how King get. My brother don’t play. Don’t play with him, please don’t. That’s a grown man in a little boy body. He don’t play about his mama.”

She said Tiny tried to stop it.

“So basically he told my mama like, I’m probably gon’ be fighting this boy… I’m messing up the story And my mama was like ‘Don’t fight, don’t fight. It’s not that serious.’ And she said he called her back and said ‘It’s already done. I’m sitting in the principal’s office about to get suspended.'”

She added,

“I like stuff like that. My brother can’t walk through a garden all his life. But he not gon’ let nobody bully him… But King probably bullied that little boy.”

She also said King told her he wasn’t gonna let the other kid bully him because the boy is allegedly in a gang.

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