B2K’s J Boog Hints At Feeling ‘Alone In A Group Full Of Losers’ Amid Rumored Drama W/In Group

B2K’s J Boog Hints At Feeling ‘Alone In A Group Full Of Losers’ Amid Rumored Drama W/In Group

While fans were ecstatic to relive their teenage years when B2K announced they would be reuniting for the Millennium tour, it looks like the members are experiencing lots of drama behind the scenes.

On the heels of the announcement that Raz B would not be performing with the group for its Florida dates, JBoog has posted a cryptic message of his own.

“It’s ok to feel alone in a room full of LOSERS.. We just different…”


Interestingly enough, the group recently announced that Raz B will not perform for the Florida dates for the tour.

To Our Fans,
Raz B has made the brave decision to take some time off to focus on his health and well-being, and will not be performing at the Florida dates of The Millennium Tour. We send our love and full support to our brother as he embarks on this self care journey. We love you all and can’t wait to see you in Jacksonville!

After Florida, the group is scheduled to wrap the tour in Denver, Glendale, AZ and Las Vegas respectively. It hasn’t been reported whether Raz B will rejoin the group for those dates.

Meanwhile, rumors that suggest that JBoog’s alleged bullying against Raz B is the real reason he left the tour for the Florida shows. Raz B has been open about his issues with the group’s former manager, Chris Stokes, who Raz B said sexually abused him when they were teenagers. He said he’s still recovering and quit the tour in earlier stages because Stokes was present.

Chris Stokes

He wrote,

“Raz B is officially off the Millennium Tour! I don’t feel safe!”

While the group seemed to welcome him back with open arms when he rejoined, rumors that JBoog was bullying him about his issues with Stokes seemed to be confirmed when JBoog was spotted on a fan’s Instagram wearing a shirt that says,

“I don’t feel safe.”

What do you think about JBoog’s statement and rumors that he’s bullying Raz B? Let us know in the comments. 

Authored by: Char Patterson