Tiger Woods & Girlfriend Are Being Sued For Wrongful Death Of Restaurant Employee

Tiger Woods and girlfriend Erica Herman

Tiger Woods & Girlfriend Are Being Sued For Wrongful Death Of Restaurant Employee

Pro golfer Tiger Woods might still be on cloud nine after winning the coveted Masters Tournament last month, but now he’s looking at a wrongful death lawsuit.

Woods, The Woods restaurant in Jupiter, Florida, and the manager of the eatery, Erica Herman (who is Woods’ girlfriend) were all listed as defendants in a wrongful death lawsuit after a worker drank alcohol following his shift and later died in a car crash. The late employee, identified as Nicholas Immesberger, had a blood alcohol level of .256, which is more than three times the .08 legal limit in the state. Immesberger, 24, reportedly swerved and ultimately crashed, leading to his untimely death on December 10, 2018. The lawsuit called out Woods specifically and said,

“Tiger knew, or reasonably should have known, that Immesberger was habitually addicted to the use of any or all alcoholic beverages, and/or was a habitual drunkard.”

Tiger Woods

His family wants a judge to hold Woods, Herman and the restaurant legally responsible, saying that they knew Immesberger had an issue with drinking, but often gave him too much alcohol after his shifts and at times even during his shifts. They also claim Woods and his girlfriend were drinking with Immesberger just a couple of nights before the fateful accident. Woods and Herman had just returned from a vacation in Australia on December 7, 2018, just three days before the crash. Still, there are no reports that say Woods and Herman were at the restaurant on the night of the incident.

Woods has yet to comment.

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