Eagles Player Nelson Agholor Invites Good Samaritan Who Criticized Him During TV Interview To Game [VIDEO]

Eagles Player Nelson Agholor Invites Good Samaritan Who Criticized Him During TV Interview To Game [VIDEO]

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Nelson Agholor responded after receiving some tough criticism by a good samaritan during an interview at the scene of a fire early Monday morning (Sept. 23rd). In the clip, Philadelphia firefighters were on scene where 10 people were trapped upstairs in an apartments, six of whom were children. A man named Hakim Laws was present at the time of the fire and helped victims escape. It was Hakim’s interview after a rough Eagles loss on Sunday that has captured everyone’s attention. During the interview he recalled leaping into action to help save people.

“I see a guy hanging out the window screaming that his kids was in there, things like that. So I ran to the back door to see if it was open and it was. I ran upstairs, and I was greeted with smoke. I ran back downstairs. By that time the ladder truck was pulling up.My man just started throwing babies out the window and we was catching them, unlike Agholor.”

In another clip, Law says he caught two children from the building,

“I caught two, then ran them in for a touchdown.”

After his interview went viral, Philly receiver Agholor took his brotherly love criticism into beautiful moment responding on Monday night with an open invitation to the next Eagles home game.

“Thank you for being a hero in the community, would like to invite you and your family to the next home game Twitter help me out and get me in touch with him.”

The Eagles fell to the Lions 27-24 on Sunday, Agholor dropped a fumble in the first half rebounding back in the second half with a pair of touchdowns. The receiver had a costly drop in the closing minutes against the Atlanta Falcons the week before.

Thankfully, authorities reportedly believe the fire was started by an air conditioning unit. No major injuries were reported from the incident.


Authored by: Gregory Molette