Tiger Woods Wins the Masters, After 14-year Drought!

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods Wins the Masters, After 14-year Drought!

He’a Back! In August, Georgia wearing his signature red Nike sweat shirt and like a crown, the black Nike hat, stamped with the white Nike swish logo, Tiger Woods made his historic return, taking victory for the fifth time in Masters Tournament history. As one of golf’s most polarizing and popular athletes, Woods validated his career comeback on Sunday, battling the likes of Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka and Xander Schauffele on the fields. The 43-year old, Woods won his fifth Master with a score of -13.

Woods says his comeback win was overwhelming,

“It’s overwhelming. I think just because of what has transpired, and last year i was just very lucky to be playing again. The previous dinner, the champions dinner, I was really struggling and missed a couple years of not playing this great tournament. To now be the champion, 22 years between wins is a long time.”

After his victory, Woods had a special father and son moment to seal his fifth Masters win. He spoke about his relationship with his children before he made his return.

“I think the kids are starting to understand how much this game means to me, and some of the things I’ve done in the game. Prior to coming back, they only knew that golf caused me a lot of pain.

He adds how his children would only see him in pain while practicing his swing.

“If I tried to swing a club I would be on the ground and I struggled for years, and that’s basically all they remember. Luckily I’ve had the procedure where that’s no longer the case and I can do this again. We’re creating new memories for them, and it’s just very special.”

He added,

“There were so many different scenarios that could have transpired on that back nine. There were so many guys that had a chance to win. Leader board was absolutely packed and everyone was playing well. You couldn’t have had more drama than we all had out there. Now you know why I’m balding. This stuff is hard.”

As Woods was given his fifth green blazer, he deemed the moment by saying,

“It fits!”

The legendary golfer has had some challenging  run in over the years. In 2017, Woods was arrested on a DUI charge after he appeared to be confused while police talked to him in the dashcam video of his arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence in Florida. Reportedly, Woods was found asleep inside his Mercedes, which was stopped with two flat tires and other damage alongside a roadway.

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Authored by: Gregory Molette