RHOA’s Demetria McKinney Defends Boyfriend Roger Bobb: My relationship with my mogul has them coming for me!

Demetria McKinney-Defends Boyfriend Roger Bobb-the jasmine brand

One things for certain, Demetria McKinney is having a tough time when it comes defending her relationship with Atlanta businessman, Roger Bobb.

During Sunday night’s episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, things got awkward when a woman (who happened to be Kandi Burruss friend) claimed that she had dated Bobb, when he was with Demetria. But according to Demetria, that’s far from the truth.

On her BRAVO blog post, Demetria says that Bobb and her were not in a relationship when he was dating ‘Blue’s Clues’ (the pet name that she’s given the woman in question). She writes:

I went to Kandi’s sexy party in an effort to get to know these ladies a bit better, relax, and enjoy a Kandi Koated Night…and 2-year-old tea gets spilled by random girl #673 hoping for a cameo?! I actually feel bad for her. You need that light so badly that you’d openly confess that your shining moment came from being on your back?!

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Girl! Never again admit to being a sock (Definition: Something to keep his stuff warm during the cold moment of a break up). I have made it known that Roger and I have been in (and out) of our relationship over the span of 8 years. “Blue’s Clues” happened when we were not together.

She adds that she’s use to women coming for her relationship, writing: