DJ Khaled Unveils ‘Father of Asahd’ Album Cover

DJ Khaled Unveils ‘Father of Asahd’ Album Cover + Behind The Scenes Footage

Super producer, DJ Khaled and the youngest executive producer in the music industry (his son) Asahd Khaled are back with a new album. On Wednesday, Khaled decided to unveil the cover for his 11th album on social media, which is the follow up album to the Grammy nominated producer’s 2017 ‘Grateful,’ release. Khaled posted the cover writing:

”Father of Asahd official album cover.”

Fellow Miami artists Rick Ross and Trina took to Khaled’s comments after revealing his album cover with his son. Even Tay Keith, producer of Beyoncé’s cover of ‘Before I Let Go,’ posted a fire emoji approving Khaled’s ‘Father of Asahd‘ art.

On his album cover, Khaled, 43, alongside his son Asahd, 2, both wear matching outfits, standing on the Holy Mountain shot by Johnathan Mannion.

For his latest album, the super producer is set to have a star studded list of collaborations per usual. On Tuesday, Grammy award winning rapper Cardi B hinted at a possible feature with Khaled on Twitter, she writes,

”Dj Khaled x Cardi X ???? = May 17th”


Check out some behind the scenes footage of Khaled and son Asahd’s shoot below:

In a video, the super producer describes his latest cover,

“This is at the holy mountain, let me explain. If you notice we are on the mountain. You see the sun, always finds us. Fighting through those trees and made sure to touch us, that wasn’t no photoshop! That’s God!”

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Authored by: Gregory Molette