Safaree Shows Up To NYC Protest To Give Pro-Fur Speech [VIDEO]

Safaree Samuels with protestors

Safaree Shows Up To NYC Protest To Give Pro-Fur Speech [VIDEO]

A day after he posted an impassioned stance on his right to wear fur while calling out PETA at the same time, Love & Hip Hop star Safaree has taken his pro-fur opinion one step further.

The rapper/producer recently showed up to a local New York City protest to give a speech on why he’s against banning fur in any way.

Earlier this week, Safaree took to his Instagram account to slam PETA for their treatment of those who choose to wear fur, specifically in contrast to how they seem to lack the same compassion for humans. He also pointed out the history between African Americans and the importance it carries within the community.

In his earlier post, he wrote:

“Fur has long held importance to the African American community, but groups like PETA equate the fight for civil rights with animal rights, comparing the American Kennel Club to the Ku Klux Klan and calling Aretha Franklin “a walrus in a cat costume.” #NoFurBan @CoreyinNYC NO FUR BAN!!!”

Well for anyone who thought that Safaree was merely seeking online attention, he doubled down on his pro-fur stance in a major way. Safaree and other protesters gathered on the steps of Manhattan’s City Hall to not only speak out against banning fur, but also to point out that many people will lose their jobs if fur is completely banned.

During his speech, which was televised by local news stations, Safaree stated:

“So, how can these people have the nerve to tell us that we cannot buy or these people cannot work and sell fur? That is absolutely ridiculous! And I’m not for it! That’s straight up bull! NO FUR BAN!”

In a series of Instagram posts, Safaree also explained why he’s so passionate about the no fur ban:

“Fur ban is no different than laws targeting baggy pants that are done to hurt the community #nofurban don’t mess with my drip”

He followed that up with:

“Got picked on and harassed on my way out city hall today. ?? the white dude said “we’re white we don’t have to worry about police brutality “that’s what got me tight #NoFurBan”

At press time, PETA has yet to respond to Safaree’s original post calling them out or his latest participation in the no fur ban protest that occurred earlier today.

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Authored by: Danielle Jennings